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All students must be cleared prior to participating in tryouts, practices, and athletic contests.  

  1. Go to and choose Florida
  2. Register.   Parents register with a valid email, username, and password.
  3. Login using your email address that you registered with.  You may also choose a preferred language.
  4. Select “Start Clearance” to start the process. 
  5. Choose the School Year
  6. Choose our School…Trinity Christian Academy
  7. Choose a Sport (Choose the sports your child will be participating in for the entire school year).
    IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT FROM THE PRIOR YEAR, CLICK “CHOOSE EXISTING STUDENT”.  This will bring your information from the previous year.  
  8. Complete all required fields for Student Information, Medical History, and Signature Forms. (No upload needed here…just e-sign the signature box that the form was read).
  9. Confirm that your student has watched the 3 NFHS Courses on Concussion in Sports, Heat Illness Prevention, and Sudden Cardiac Arrest. (This is part of the signature form labeled EL3) These courses are available here…
  10. The following forms need to be printed (The file is at the bottom of the medical tab), filled out, and uploaded.  *See recommendations on how to upload documents below.  THIS IS NOT THE SCHOOL HEALTH FORM FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION!
         a. “Physical Form” (FHSAA EL2)  There are five pages to this document.  Page 1-2 is filled out by parent and student.  Pages 3-5 are filled out by the physician.  Only page 4 needs to be uploaded under “physical form”.
  11. Once you have completed the required fields and uploaded the required forms, you will be returned to the “clearances” page where you will be able to view the status of your submission.  You will begin with an “uncleared” indicator.  Once your submission has been reviewed and approved by the athletic office, your status will change to a “cleared” indicator.  At this point, your student is ready to participate in athletics.  If you forgot to fill in a required section or forgot to upload a required form, you will receive a temporary “denied” status explaining what is still needed to be cleared.
  12. Additional items needed for homeschooled students:

How to upload a document to your computer.  

  1. Download “GENIUS SCAN” to your phone.   (If you have an iPhone, NOTES can also be used as a scanner). 
  2. Using Genius Scan, take photos of the completed forms. For the “Physical Form” combine all pages into one PDF file.
  3. Follow prompts on Genius Scan to email the PDF file to your personal email account.
  4. Login to your email account on your computer.
  5. Open email from Genius Scan and save file to your computer.  
  6. On the “Athletic Clearance” site, click on “choose file” and select the file from your computer.